Bandujo Duplex Residence


Chelsea / Flat Iron District

New York City, New York




In this Chelsea duplex, MRTA was requested by the Client and Interior Designer to remodel an existing apartment with the intention of bringing about a gallery / exhibition – like atmosphere for the modern art, paintings and furniture collection.  In this project the lighting was significantly enhanced so that works of art or furniture would receive a correct balanced of attention; where all items were exhibited uniformly using lighting as a rebalancer of mood and contrast. The floor was re-leveled structurally, having the new recessed baseboard compliment the simple modern minimal design.  The space was skim coated throughout, electrical was updated and new built-in furniture was installed.  In addition to new built out 2 closets (coat closet and HVAC handler unit) with automated lighting a custom-made double pair of french doors were installed at the balcony.


•  Demolition: walls, flooring, ceiling. tile
•  Skimcoat
•  Painting
•  Recessed baseboard
•  Lighting – recessed museum
•  HVAC throughout w/ recessed grills
•  Level subflooring
•  New flooring
•  Bathroom Shower stone work
•  Steel refinishing
•  Millwork fabrication w/ recessed hardware
•  4 French balcony doors exterior fabrication w/ designer hardware
•  Shower marble slab and tile work

Construction Work Process