Yamaguchi-Carey Residence


East 7th Street

New York, NY




This project, located in New York’s East Village, was a remodel of a partitioned 1,100 sq foot loft space. The intention of the Architect was to create an open space where floor to ceiling partitions were avoided. MRTA was brought on this project as a General Contractor. Our expertise as design/build professionals allowed us to resolve design intent with the limitation and realities of materials and construction. Our input resulted in practical solutions for further defining the Architect’s intent in the special concept of having delineated individual spaces in the apartment while preserving the unit’s openness. Curtains would act as privacy divisions when needed. Examples of MRTA’s design/build influence can be seen in the black tempered sliding glass partitions that delineate the bedroom area, the custom made lavatory corner-door, millwork detailing and choice of cabinetry hardware. It can also be seen in the structural design of the kitchen cabinetry wall connection to the ceiling and bathroom tiling details.


• Refinishing of wood floors
• Bedroom and kitchen spaces reconfigured to the center surrounded with curtains and free circulation
• Bar kitchen with custom walnut and oak millwork
• Stainless steel high-end appliances retrofitted into millwork
• Multiple plumbing reconfigurations
• New bathroom with rough textured granite stone, concrete stucco wall finish, and teak millwork
• Bedroom with custom millwork and glass sliding partition doors
• Custom L-shaped door with lacquer finish at bathroom
• New window lacquer finish wood surround frames

Construction Work Process