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I am configuring the InsightIQ interface to use LDAP authentication as described in the user guide. InsightIQ User Guide 2 0 Have a question or feedback about Isilon content? Website Template Headings Revised 1234368439706488 3. InsightIQ Isilon for vCenter SmartConnect Advanced ... you must obtain a valid license key, and you must have root user privileges on your cluster. InsightIQ includes a very useful data export tool: iiq_data_export. It can be used with any version of OneFS beginning with 7.x. Originally I was point IIQ at me development active directory system after tweeking config to how I wanted it I changed the sssd.conf to use the production active directory environment. Introduction to this guide 6 InsightIQ 4.1.0 Installation Guide. Baixar agora. I found this in the Isilon InsightIQ 4.1.1 User Guide under File System report breakouts on page 50 as of the time of this post: Logical Size. For more articles about IIQ, this page has a good index of various resources: InsightIQ - Isilon Info Hub 0 Kudos Enable read and write access to the export. Netapp Interview Questions - Q&A. Commands are outlined with sample command syntax in many cases. I would take that to believe that a 1k file would show as a 1k file. CHAPTER 2 System requirements This section contains the following topics: l InsightIQ system requirements ... and map the root user on the InsightIQ server to the user account that owns the export on the NFS server. [user@servername]# sudo yum install Loaded plugins: product-id, rhnplugin, security, subscription-manager This system is not … While the tool is compatible with older versions of the operating system, if you’re running OneFS v8.0 or higher it offers a much needed performance improvement. 130552025 InsightIQ User Guide 2 0 - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Start a conversation about Isilon content. Isilon OneFS ships with a default NFS export rule for the /ifs directory that you can use for InsightIQ. Isilon InsightIQ Admin Guide. Breaks out data by logical file size. The export rule must export the datastore path, and map the root user on the InsightIQ server to the user account that owns the export on the NFS server. Logical file size calculations include only data, and do not include data-protection overhead. There are no pretty pictures in the user guide, but the instructions are valid. To obtain a license key, contact your EMC Isilon sales representative. For more information about all the features, fixes, and changes in functionality in this release, refer to the InsightIQ 3.1 Release Notes. Create a user account.....32 Modify a user account password..... 33 Delete a user account.....33 Troubleshooting InsightIQ 35 Troubleshooting overview..... 36 Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 CONTENTS ... InsightIQ 4.1.3 Administration Guide Isilon InsightIQ Admin Guide - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. ... FSNP-301-02_IR Fusion AdminBrowser REL 01-06 User Manual.pdf. This is a CLI command reference guide for all of the CLI commands available in Isilon OneFS. Isilon InsightIQ Admin Guide. For information about using InsightIQ to monitor your cluster, refer to the InsightIQ 3.1 User Guide. It is designed to be an easy and concise quick reference guide.

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