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Those guys spent a lot of time getting the specifications of that rig just perfect, so that’s what I’d try to replicate. Without getting too deep into the weeds about specific styles, I’ll discuss the three broad types of crappie jigs listed below, which are hollow body tubes, solid body tubes, and feather, or hair jigs.. One of the most popular crappie jig styles of all time is the hollow body tube. Crappie spawn when the water temperature reaches about 52-60 degrees. Not all jig heads are created equal. In that case, jigs are typically your best bet, as they are more efficient. hooks. Most avid crappie fisherman carry a variety of colors on them at all times because they have to be willing to experiment when one color’s not working. . Crappie jigs are especially effective during the spawn when fish are shallow. These spring crappie fishing techniques will help you catch more crappie during this crucial time of the year for crappie fishing. The ice is getting off of the lakes, and the crappies will be starting to move to shallow water soon. Abruptly changing the speed or direction of the bait, is often effective in enticing a hit. I listed some additional popular and effective crappie baits below. $18.00. You don’t have to go through the hassle of obtaining live bait and keeping it lively, Gives you the ability to experiment with unlimited color options. When you find where those elusive crappies are hiding, you have to almost hand feed them the bait. If you planned on following the spring crappie bite from Florida to the far frontier in southern Canada this spring, sorry, you're too late. The spring crappie spawning period offers the best opportunity to catch fish shallow, but fishing can be spotty at times. Fall sees crappie at their most aggressive and keen to take lures sitting in the upper part of the water column. Remember that if you tie into two or more there is a good chance that there are more crappie just waiting for your bait. Crappies migrate to these areas because this type of water warms faster than any other area of the lake. St.Croix Legend Ice Fishing Rods – Sensitivity Is The Name Of The Game. Of course, that’s assuming the bite isn’t on fire. To do so, simply follow the 3 rules below. You will want to play around with the color of the jig heads. Here we’ve collected five of the best baits for crappie that any aspiring crappie angler should add to their gear. price $4.00. However, at times when the bite is more sluggish, that’s when minnows start coming into the picture for me. "When anglers hook into a mess of these fish in the shallows during late winter/early spring, they sometimes believe that they are in for an early spring spawn," says fisheries biologist Mike Colvin. Newsletter. But I'm not. The best types of lures to use during the spawn time is spinning baits and small micro jigs using 4-pound test. Another effective variation, is to slide a crappie tube onto the hook before hooking the minnow. SPRING FORWARD FOR CRAPPIE – April 2020. But, I’ve also had great success with them while single poling. Crappie Pro® Creek Chub; Gene Larew® ... 3 Best Spring Bass Baits; 3 Best Spring Bass Baits. Noted fisheries biologist Hal Schramm has an interesting 3-part story on MS-Sportsman.com titled “Fish Sensory Systems.” In Part 1 he writes, “If you are not into all the science, remember two things: 1. It’s best to have 2 or 3 weights to choose from, so that you can adapt to current conditions. Jigs are better when the bite is hot. Both of them work great. color of a bait, as seen on the shelf, isn’t necessarily how it appears when viewed under water. You really have to see it to appreciate it. Here are some tips for how to fish for crappie as they transition from their prespawn staging areas to their spawning grounds. Firstly, the color of a bait, as seen on the shelf, isn’t necessarily how it appears when viewed under water. I like to stuff this cavity with. During the pre-spawn is probably the best time of spring to be catching these fish. The more protection from wind and lots of vegetation is where you will find spawning crappies. The unique, curved paddletail flat comes to life when it touches water. Weather you fish for Crappie, Bluegills or Walleye, we truly feel jigs are one of the top baits for catching all species of fish. But certain lures are odds-on winners with long and proven track records to stake their claims. Mail in Order Form. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days. A loop knot also eliminates the hassle of making sure your knot is straight after every caught fish. Jigging is especially effective in the spring when crappies tend to congregate in large schools — enabling you to send a jig into the middle for an almost guaranteed bite. I like fine wire #2 gold rotating hooks by Mr. Crappie. Generally speaking, you will want to use bigger minnows during the pre-spawn, and move to smaller minnows in the summer. Jig head choice is sometimes equally as important as the jig body you choose. Experiment with increasing the size of jig to see if maybe you can encourage larger crappie to bite or consider adding a spinner to your favorite jig … But, crankbaits are supposedly extremely effective in the summertime. The Southern Pro 271 crappie kit manufactured by Southern Pro is a masterpiece when it comes to fishing. All will be explained as we track prespawn crappie movements from Florida to Canada, spotlighting unique and unusual tactics along the way. When autumn arrives, crappie snap out of their summer doldrums and gorge on baitfish in preparation for a long, cold winter.The fish migrate from their deep summer haunts to the dining areas of the shallow flats.. I really like to spider rig (slow troll), so I have 6 jigs in the water at once. This way, I’m not having to replace scent every time my jig is bumped by a fish. Just be sure to use a lighter jig head on the top. But, down here in the deep south we sometimes hook into stud crappie. Minnows can be cast out to sit under a bobber in order to fish stationary targets. “Minnows” typically fall into 2 groups – Golden Shiners (Black Minnows) and Fathead Minnows. Regardless of technique for these two opposing periods of the year, do you find Fall crappie fishing or Spring to be your easier season to pattern crappies for repeatable success on a regular basis? Come join the best Family Orientated fishing website on the Internet. You’re probably wondering why, then, do sporting goods stores carry every shade of the rainbow. However you need to flip or dip a jig during a cold front that causes crappie … That’s why I like jigs with slightly larger hooks. Jan 6, 2020 - Different crappie baits will work better for different days.Fishing spring crappie means having the right fishing bait is key. There isn’t anything wrong with crappie fishing guide Brad Whitehead’s boat, but he sure gets lots of strange looks. I plan on giving it a whirl this year. It’s best not to involve the hassle of a minnow when a jig is doing just fine on its own. Spring Crappie. Baits for Crappie. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Minn Kota Talon Shallow Water Anchor | Anchor’s Away! Secondly, manufacturers try to snag shoppers with their color selections about as much as they try to snag fish. Grab some live minnows and start experiment with different depths until you find the right combination. The warming spring water temperatures triggers a feed-a-thon amongst fish. 1) Southern Pro 541Piece Pro Crappie Tube Kit. It is rare for white crappie and black crappie to inter-breed, but it does occur. When the bite is slow, give it a try and see for yourself. 1. I plan to cover color selection in more detail in another article, but I’d like to make a few quick points about different colored crappie baits. Using some sort of attractant typically increases your catch rate. Minnows, minnows, and minnows. Arkie seems to produce very high quality crappie baits. Aug 12, 2019 - Different crappie baits will work better for different days.Fishing spring crappie means having the right fishing bait is key. I’m a spider rigger at heart, so that’s when I’m most often using minnow tipped jigs. Crappies will be found in big schools during the pre-spawn as well. Crappie spawn when the water temperature reaches about 52-60 degrees. The smaller your container is, the more critical proper aeration becomes. Alive. It seems to make them hold on longer, giving you more time to set the hook. What Is Tenkara Fly Fishing? If your fishing post-spawn, you will have a harder time finding the crappies and getting them to eat. Share. Get a few rods rigged up with multiple jigs. Pre-spawn crappie will be looking for some big meals to give them the energy they will need for when spawning time comes which isn’t far off in most cases. Click on a star to rate it! Or, you could use a plastic syringe to accomplish the same thing, but I prefer the bait pump. When crappie are surface feeding they tend not to bite large lures so crappie nibbles on a hook is a good option. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel – Don’t Leave Port Without It! Although this isn’t completely necessary, it does provide better action. If you like this article, check out my article about the Best Baits For Bluegill. The top 3 colors for crappie are chartreuse, chartreuse and chartreuse. Minnows catch crappie at all times, but as the fish get more lethargic, that’s when minnows really help you get more bites. I like to use a device called The Bait Pump (pictured below) to squeeze crappie nibbles into my tubes. CUSTOM ORDERS We custom paint lures to your specifications. Thin wire hooks damage minnows less, and allow them to swim around freely. Crappie can be caught with several techniques, from a simple jig or live bait presentation all the way to the advanced trolling and jigging methods used by the pros.

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