Galasso Residence


57th Street

Manhattan, NY




This Upper East Side project is representative of MRTA’s work in conjunction to more traditional design concepts. The goal of this project was to create a refined and comfortable environment for an accomplished professional who relocated to a more upscale real estate address. This remodel was intended to maximize space and accentuate the living area with elegant finishes.

The foyer was tiled with imported marble tile leading to a beautifully furnished and spacious living area. Pocket doors were installed throughout the apartment so as not to intrude on the space. Custom made doors were suggested and selected by MRTA to compliment the apartment’s existing sophisticated interior classical moldings.

  • Contractor: MRTA
  • Interior Designer : Tom Fallon
  • Photographer : Martin R. Tomczyk


•  Construction, fabrication, installation, construction management
•  Designed collaboration, consulting, engineering

Construction Work Process