Kane St. Townhouse


Kane Street

Brooklyn, New York 11231


Fall 2016


The residential brick building was completely gut renovated.  All interior wood joist structure including roofing was removed.  The basement was 5ft vertically enlarged with concrete underpinning.  New drawings were produced by MRTA for structural joist and i-beam plans, RCP reflected ceiling plans, lighting layout & HAVC plans.  Structural new wood LVL joists and steel I-beams at all staircase locations were installed.  Veneer brick facade was anchored into the adjacent brick structural walls using stainless pins.  New steel lintels and custom anchors were added throughout to existing windows, doors, storefront and hvac openings. Under the supervision of an Engineer, MRTA provided all necessary structural detail shop drawings.  Blackened steel stairs w/ 12in solid stringer and customized railings were designed, shop drawn and 3d modeled by MRTA; the drawings were crucial in on-site fabrication for clarity and means to fabricate.
During construction all work and design layout was coordinated between the trades. Window and door schedules were provided.  MRTA has done extensive shop drawings of the facade towards Historical Landmark Preservation Commission, towards new work approvals to the new facade storefront.  The drawings, including mock-up wood models were presented to the Landmark Commission during a formal presentation meeting.
MRTA shop drawn lighting layout and HVAC grills locations were configured for the best design results.  Owner interior designer and trades were design coordinated for optimal results.
Kitchen & steel doors were shop drawn, engineered for steel door metal components details & hardware, and fabricated from steel and (at kitchen interior) walnut veneer wood.  All steel surfaces were blackened and lacquer finished whereas  all interior walnut surfaces were stained and clear lacquer finished.
Fireplace (gas) made from concrete located in the living room was shop drawn to integrate the kitchen and blackened steel shelving and concealed LED lighting.  The fireplace chimney was coordinated and located to be recessed and least disturb upper floor layout configurations.


•  Construction, fabrication, installation, construction management
•  Designed collaboration, consulting, engineering
•  Mockup models full scale & testing
•  Furniture mockups
•  Material Samples
•  Shop drawings, 3d models
•  Landmark Preservation drawing presentation submittals and mockups

Construction Work Process