Manus x Machina Exhibition – The Met Museum


1000 5th Ave

New York, NY 10028


May 2016


For the The Metropolitan Museum exhibit MxM or Manus Machina, MRTA has fabricated and installed approximately 100 custom made exhibition pedestal / platforms and intermediary scaffold wood blocking.  The fabricated elements were installed to create the inspired classical space throughout the MxM exhibit in the Lehman Wing of the Met Museum designed by OMA Architects NYC – Project Architect Scott Abrahams
As per OMA – Architect’s design, the pedestal / platforms were created with the intention to exhibit the 170 haute couture garments.  Each pedestal / platform was custom in size and shape to be integral as part of the mesh membrane curved wall niches on the top floor of the contrasting lower exhibit design in the gallery space below. Directly from Architectural Cad Plans, MRTA fabricated the 100 pedestal platforms using CNC router as per provided distinctive architectural design shapes.
The three-dimensional shaped scaffold wood blocking was fabricated to receive the vinyl surface stretch mesh membrane along the curvature lines of the scaffolding.  The wood blocking elements were fabricated or  created using a 3 axis or 3D CNC router.
The accelerated time schedule towards fabrication & installation for this project was 7 weeks.


•  Consulting, fabrication & installation design / engineering
•  Project scheduling
•  Specialty fabrication CNC router for flat surfaces & 3 axis or 3D CNC router for 3 dimensional forms
•  Fabrication, delivery, assemblage, installation, painting

Construction Work Process