Potters Residence


73rd Street

Manhattan, NY




This renovation assignment was for the remodel of a Manhattan architect’s home office. Having seen firsthand the results delivered by MRTA, the firm’s principal architect and founder selected MRTA for renovations of his personal space.
From the existing build environment, MRTA worked closely with the owner /architect to create a place where current conditions worked in conjunction with the existing/new artwork, furnishings, custom cabinetry and lighting. The home office was adjoining a dressing room and a bathroom. Much of the project focused on the fabrication of custom made bookcases, shelves and furniture designed by the architect. MRTA patiently worked through the architect’s revision process contributing design input and providing shop drawings for the proposed design. MRTA also custom fabricated a unique asymmetrical mantle for the fireplace in the office. Our expertise allowed us to navigate the unique challenges presented by the existing construction and design of this site which resides landmark Classical Beaux-Art building constructed in 1903.

  • Contractor / Photos: MRTA
  • Architect: Stephen Potters


•  Construction, fabrication, installation, construction management
•  Designed collaboration, consulting, engineering
•  Mockup models full scale & testing
•  Furniture mockups
•  Material Samples
•  Shop drawings, 3d models
•  Landmark Preservation drawing presentation submittals and mockups

Construction Work Process