Prosthodontics Dentist Office


30 East 40th St.

Manhattan, New York




It was imperative in the construction of this prosthodontics for the Designer, the contractor (MRTA), and the Owners to work together to successfully implement the required building codes and dental facility standards while having the design concept compliment the needed circulation and movement. It took considerable creativity and ingenuity on the part of MRTA to resolve the proposed design consisting of wall partitions, dental equipment and mechanical systems with the limitations created by the existing locations of the building’s electrical, plumbing, HVAC raceways and building mechanical stacks. Panelite® color honeycomb polycarbonate wall systems with sliding doors to examination rooms were implemented to maximize and illuminate the space. With detailed shop drawings, MRTA designed the custom fabricated stainless steel ductwork and grills for the HVAC system in order to accommodate the space and compliment the interior designer’s concept. construction of this office required a concerted effort among all involved personnel including: plumbers, electricians, designer, Owner and health care facility consultants. Organization and scheduling were essential in executing the concealed complex systems needed for this limited space.


• Color honeycomb polycarbonate panels system with sliding doors to operating rooms
• Three operating rooms and lab with electrical, plumbing for treatment chairs and dental equipment
• Floor ceramic tiles
• Cove and recessed lighting
• Custom fabricated stainless steel duct and grills
• Built-in custom wood millwork at reception and waiting area

Construction Work Process